AGP Advanced Zoom 2 (with mag joint) Rubber Pad Set

SKU: WH9120-37


Sports design, easy swing arms and One-Size-Fits-All with detachable strap. The strap can be adjusted to any size for a good fit and supports your arm swing.

<Product Features>

● Mag-joint functions enable to bind of the poles with only one push.

● You can perfectly adjust the strap to your size, and it fits your hands well.

● Our quick detachable straps provide excellent arm swing and can also replace easily.

● Boot-shaped tip rubber is easy to know when to replace and absorb the impact on the surface.

product size Approxicimately 85-127 cm

Grip/ Nylon, Elastomer

Strap/ Polyester, Nylon

Shaft/ Alminium

Rubber pad/ Synthetic rubber Magjoint/ Silicon, magnet

Product weight Approxicimately 230g
Country of origin China


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AGP Advanced Zoom 2 (with mag joint) Rubber Pad Set